The Lincoln Way

The definition of luxury is changing. Luxury used to be about status and objects. Now it's about experiencing life on your own terms. Today, the ultimate luxury is time. Clients want to spend their time on beautiful, emotionally engaging experiences. At Lincoln, we’re setting our brand apart by introducing thoughtful, time-saving luxury experiences alongside every new vehicle.

These experiences are part of what we call “The Lincoln Way,” a suite of enhanced client services focused on customization and time-savings. Enhanced client experiences are a critical element for Lincoln growth and The Lincoln Way builds off the company’s success in China, where the idea originated.  

The Lincoln Way is expressed through personalized programs like our standard national Pickup and Delivery service, as well as the Lincoln Experience Centers.  

Lincoln Experience Centers
Located at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California, and at The Star in Fresno, Texas, the corporate headquarters and practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys, the Lincoln Experience Centers offer those who are new to Lincoln the opportunity to learn more about the brand in a luxurious, convenient location, near where they already shop and dine.

Guests can explore the design inspiration behind the different Lincoln cars and SUVs, customize their perfect vehicle and take it for a test drive – around the block or for the weekend – or simply enjoy the Lincoln connectivity lounge. Should they be interested in purchasing a vehicle, a host at the center will connect them with the dealer who is most convenient for them.

Pickup and Delivery
Lincoln’s standard national Pickup and Delivery service respects what Lincoln clients value most: their time. The valet service picks up a client’s vehicle for any service need, at any location, provides the client with a complimentary loaner vehicle, and return it in the same manner. The client can book and track the progress of the service via the Lincoln Way app.

Lincoln is the only luxury automaker to provide standard Pickup and Delivery service as part of the vehicle’s warranty.

Pilot Programs
National standard Pickup and Delivery has been so successful, it has spawned additional pilots for Lincoln:

  • At-Home Test Drive, piloting in Houston and Dallas. Prospective clients can schedule a test drive online, have the vehicle brought to their home, and experience effortless luxury with unmatched convenience 
  • Chauffeur Service, piloting in San Diego and Miami. This provides clients with a carefully screened driver when needed – allowing them to enjoy being a passenger from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle. The chauffeur can assist with other errands while clients attend to their engagements

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