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Specially Selected Design Team Brings Lincoln Black Label Collection To .....


5760 x 3635 (300 dpi, 2.4 MB)
1280 x 807 (72 dpi, 130.2 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Indulgence

7360 x 4912 (300 dpi, 2.6 MB)
1280 x 1280 (72 dpi, 266.1 kB)

Susan Lampinen

4912 x 7360 (300 dpi, 1.5 MB)
1280 x 1280 (72 dpi, 301.1 kB)

Janet Seymour

7360 x 4912 (300 dpi, 3.0 MB)
1280 x 1280 (72 dpi, 278.0 kB)

Barb Whalen

7360 x 4912 (300 dpi, 2.6 MB)
1280 x 1280 (72 dpi, 259.3 kB)

Jenny Kubinec

3840 x 5760 (300 dpi, 2.3 MB)
853 x 1280 (72 dpi, 142.6 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Center Stage

5760 x 3840 (300 dpi, 1.6 MB)
1280 x 725 (72 dpi, 97.1 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Indulgence

5760 x 3488 (300 dpi, 1.8 MB)
1280 x 775 (72 dpi, 84.7 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Indulgence

5760 x 3350 (300 dpi, 2.2 MB)
1280 x 744 (72 dpi, 132.5 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Indulgence

5760 x 2991 (300 dpi, 1.8 MB)
1280 x 664 (72 dpi, 107.7 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Modern Heritage

5760 x 3262 (300 dpi, 2.0 MB)
1280 x 724 (72 dpi, 115.5 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Modern Heritage

5760 x 3500 (300 dpi, 2.1 MB)
1280 x 777 (72 dpi, 99.6 kB)

Lincoln Black Label: Modern Heritage

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Specially Selected Design Team Brings Lincoln Black Label Collection To Life

> Lincoln Design team members with a wide range of experience and expertise brought together to create Lincoln Black Label, a new and higher-level expression of Lincoln design, style, materials, craftsmanship and personal experience

> Color and Material Design experts created a collection of individual designer themes complemented by high-end, emotive materials and meticulous execution to appeal to the progressive luxury client

> Team was given full freedom to allow designers’ points of view to shine through to create the Lincoln Black Label collection

Understanding the needs of luxury clients and meeting them with innovative new vehicles and personal experiences fuels the reinvention of Lincoln. As another important element to grow and highlight the brand, Lincoln is previewing Black Label - a combination of sumptuous product with a warm and personal experience that can transcend the expectations of the most discriminating luxury buyer.

Simply, Black Label is a significant step for Lincoln to elevate its three core brand pillars of design, quality and personal service.

Leading creation of Black Label are four designers from the dedicated Lincoln Design team who are part of the Color and Material Design group. They are:

  • Susan Lampinen, group chief designer, Color and Material Design, studied transportation design and is responsible for overall design direction for Lincoln interior environments
  • Janet Seymour, Color and Material Design manager, studied Product Design, oversees Lincoln and Black Label color and materials design and strategy
  • Barb Whalen, Color and Material Design manager, adds international experience in her role, which includes strategic development of exterior color choices
  • Jenny Kubinec, Color and Material designer, studied both transportation and graphic design and has a keen interest in sustainable materials and design

“The idea behind Black Label was to create a collection of designer themes that are similar to what might be found in a high-end art gallery – inspired by lifestyles and experiences – to showcase Lincoln in its best light,” said Lampinen.

Exclusive interior environments are coordinated with unique exterior colors. Each interior theme draws out the fine craftsmanship, innovative trim details and designer finishes, complemented by premium selection of materials.

Key touchpoints – instrument panel, doors and console – are wrapped and stitched in the highest-grade premium leather to surround the client in luxury. Armrests and seats are trimmed in specialty Venetian leather created exclusively for Lincoln Black Label.

Less than 1 percent of raw hides globally meet the requirements for becoming Venetian leather – known for its lightly finished, supple and fine-grained texture that reveals the hides’ natural characteristics, but with the feel of premium furniture leather.

Premium Alcantara® suede material is wrapped on the headliner, pillars and package tray, and is accented on seats, trunk and floor mat details.

Similar rigor was applied to the selection of premium and designer woods, which were sought out globally and selected for maximum richness of color, grain and pattern.

Unique design elements are found throughout Lincoln Black Label vehicles. Jewel-like accents called “Satin Star” plating adorn the seat on head restraints and side shields. Multi-finish premium paint and chrome complements the wheel design.

The designers started with more than a dozen concepts before narrowing to the three themes previewed ahead of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Center Stage, Indulgence and Modern Heritage.

Center Stage, inspired by fashion and theater, is designed for the most expressive clients. The Jet Black interior is highlighted by a Foxfire Red headliner, capturing the drama of being in a dark theater with the impact of a rich, deep red accent color. Alcantara suede with uniquely designed perforation adds plush texture to the doors and seats.

Indulgence is inspired by the lure of premium chocolate to ignite a rich sensory experience. Ganache- and Truffle-colored Venetian leather with a subtle antiqued finish adds richness and depth. The Ziricote wood trim features a beautiful natural grain and color inherent in the wood with no added dyes or stains. This wood, while new to the automotive industry, is often seen in high-end yachts.

Modern Heritage offers a fresh take on the classic black-and-white interior with subtle red accents. Designed for the client who appreciates a clean, modern aesthetic, the soft white interior is warm and inviting. Renewed and engineered wood trim – imbued with metal flake between its layers – creates a sparkling effect to stylishly highlight this modern classic design.

Subtle brand accents include Diamond-L and Linking-L perforation patterns uniquely designed for the climate-controlled seats. This attention to detail is also given to tightly controlled stitch seams and thread color coordination.

“We all relished the opportunity to create something truly special for Lincoln,” said Lampinen.

For more information on Lincoln Black Label, click here.

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The Lincoln Motor Company is the luxury automotive brand of Ford Motor Company, committed to creating compelling vehicles with an exceptional ownership experience to match. For more information about The Lincoln Motor Company, please visit or Follow us on Facebook at


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