Intelligent Suspension System of Lincoln MKZ Can Help Mitigate Pothole Damage

While the polar vortex has had much of the country in a vise grip, its impact has created a new condition – the “pothole vortex.” Road divots that turn the infrastructure into mega-holed golf courses do not allow for a luxury experience, to say the least.

However, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ’s standard, continuously controlled damping (CCD) suspension provides some protection against jarring impact and costly wheel/tire repairs from the dreaded highway pitfalls.

Lincoln CCD is part of the overall Lincoln Drive Control system that orchestrates the performance of a suite of elements to enhance driving dynamics. CCD has 12 sensors that can read nearly 50 inputs from road conditions in two milliseconds – about half the time it takes to blink an eye.

In a three-phase process, CCD helps to lessen the impact of dramatic road elements like potholes. (For video, click here. Click here for a fact sheet on how the pothole defense works. Click here for a fact sheet on Lincoln Drive Control.)

In normal conditions, the CCD system on the Lincoln MKZ provides real-time data to quickly adjust the shocks to deliver an optimum blend of ride and handling.

When a pothole is detected and in the event a wheel drops rapidly, the specially developed pothole algorithm software applies additional damping to the shocks to keep the tire and wheel from dropping as deeply into the pothole.

The result is a less-harsh reaction. Because the tire and wheel do not drop as deeply into the pothole, the tire and wheel do not strike the opposite side of the pothole as harshly, mitigating the effects of many events.

Adding a new meaning to “March Madness,” the annual tab for pothole damage sets U.S. motorists back nearly $5 billion per year, the insurance industry warns. It has even created a tire shortage in some areas, according to Ford customer service division.

Lincoln Drive Control and its continuously controlled damping system is doing its part to make the premium drive as smooth as possible.

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