Consumers and Radio: Sound Matters, and Lincoln Knows the Importance of Premium

  • The Lincoln Motor Company is the exclusive automaker to offer Revel® premium audio in its lineup of luxury vehicles, including the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental
  • Available 19-speaker Revel Ultima system transforms Continental cabin into a personal concert hall with three distinct listening modes
  • Through cutting-edge, multidimensional audio technology, each occupant in the car is able to enjoy the ultimate music experience

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 2, 2016 – One of the first things a driver does in a car is turn on the audio system, which is why a premium audio experience is more important than ever.

Most motorists listen to the radio – 84 percent of Americans use radio as their audio entertainment over new technology options, according to a survey by the independent marketing research firm Ipsos.1 And they tune in frequently – 62 percent say they listen to the radio at least once a day in their cars, while 67 percent turn on their radio immediately when they engage audio.

“The Lincoln Motor Company knows that sound is powerful,” says Michael Celentino, chief engineer, Lincoln Continental. “And we want to provide the best music experience we can for our clients.”

That’s why the all-new Lincoln Continental, the company’s highly anticipated, redesigned flagship vehicle, features available Revel® Ultima audio system developed to work in concert with the car’s interior design and acoustics.

Revel audio systems are designed and tested through computer-aided design, three-dimensional models, in presentation rooms and most importantly, in vehicles. Each system is designed specifically for that vehicle, with the placement, tuning, calibration and number of speakers customized to ensure superior sound quality and audio accuracy.

Moreover, every Revel audio system is tuned to the trim of the vehicle, because when interior materials are changed, sound changes as well.

The importance of premium

For audiophiles, Revel melds art and science for the ultimate luxury experience.

“What we’re doing through our technology is re-creating the sound and nuance of what the artist intended in the recording studio, but in a space that’s much smaller,” says Kevin Voecks, Acoustic Technologies HARMAN luxury audio, for Revel. “We want to deliver a realistic sound experience – whether it’s a single person singing into a mic, very dry, or a giant concert hall with lots of reverberation.”

Music producers are aware of the need for quality and authenticity as well. They know consumer habits and preferences and often will listen to song tracks they’re working on in vehicles, just to hear how the sound plays out in that environment. Given the popularity of radio, how a track sounds in a car can make or break a song.

“I’ll definitely listen to something I’m working on in the studio while I’m driving,” says Photek, a Los Angeles-based music producer. “I need to know how music sounds in that space.”

Cutting-edge technology

QuantumLogic Surround®, Revel’s next generation surround-sound technology, delivers a multidimensional experience to each vehicle occupant.

With QuantumLogic Surround, Lincoln Continental owners can use the vehicle touch screen to select from three distinct listening modes:

  • Traditional stereo
  • Audience, for an intimate concert experience where the boundaries of the vehicle seemingly disappear
  • On stage, a 360-degree experience that puts listeners seemingly in the middle of a soundstage, arranging individual instruments and musical elements throughout the cabin

Proprietary Revel Clari-Fi music restoration technology works in real-time to rebuild audio details often lost in the digital compression process. Clari-Fi intelligently and seamlessly reconstructs digitally compressed music for an enhanced listening experience regardless of source.

Celentino says creating warm, human, personally crafted experiences is what Lincoln is all about. “That includes bringing audio to life in the most authentic way,” he adds.


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