New Lincoln Nautilus Campaign Deploys Trick Shots to Creatively Demonstrate Driver-Assist Technologies

  • Nautilus, The Lincoln Motor Company’s newest entry to the luxury midsize SUV segment, comes with the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 package as standard equipment
  • Incredible pool shots illustrate driver-assist technologies such as the vehicle’s Lane-Keeping System, cross-traffic alert and more in creative new ad campaign
  • New spots feature Matthew McConaughey for TV; renowned trick-shot pool artist Steve Markle for social media

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 21, 2018 – Matthew McConaughey focuses, staring intently at the ball. He takes his shot. The cue ball swerves smoothly behind the 8-ball, then makes a steady left before gliding back to its original path.

“I’ve never seen that before,” says a voice in the background. Fade to flashback – a Lincoln Nautilus effortlessly evading an obstacle in the roadway before seamlessly returning to its original path.

That’s one scene from the new Lincoln Nautilus spot “Ultimate Control,” part of a new ad campaign that uses billiards and trick shots to creatively illustrate innovative technologies like those found in Lincoln Co-Pilot360, a standard driver-assist package that bundles features previously available only as separate options.

Nautilus, The Lincoln Motor Company’s newest entry to the luxury midsize SUV segment, debuts with Lincoln Co-Pilot360 as standard. Nautilus went on sale nationally in November, and early sales are strong, with the vehicle spending an average of only nine days on dealer lots.

“This is a great way to showcase these technologies – to bring them to life in a way that is distinctly Lincoln,” says Eric Peterson, Lincoln communications marketing manager. “Trick shots and technology are an unlikely combination, but here, it works.”

Creative challenge met

Demonstrating Lincoln’s newest innovations posed a bit of a challenge for the creative team.

“These are all amazing technologies, but not very easy to illustrate,” says Jon Pearce, chief creative officer at Hudson Rouge, the agency behind the campaign. “We were looking for a metaphor that was upscale and luxury-appropriate. We thought about billiards and how, when you’re good at pool, you can make these shots that do amazing things – just like these technologies in the Lincoln Nautilus.”

The unique idea allowed for plenty of firsts on the shoot. For instance, McConaughey is shown at an intimate dinner party that culminates in a tightly controlled pool shot that allows the actor to flash back to his drive in the Nautilus.

“There’s a friendliness to Lincoln that we’re leaning into here,” says Pearce. “Technology on paper can be somewhat cold; we set out to show its warmer side – how technology can look out for you.”

That warmth is emphasized through the social interaction among the actors, through conversation, locale and even the behind-the-scenes preparation that went into the shoot.

Before he began shooting scenes, award-winning director Garth Davis gathered the cast together to cook a meal then chat about their moms – all to capture an easy, relaxed feeling. The authenticity that’s become a trademark in Lincoln ad campaigns shines through in the ambience of the setting.

The feeling continues in the digital campaign, “Control on Cue,” which features renowned trick-shot pool artist Steve Markle demonstrating a variety of shots that illustrate braking, parking and cross-traffic alert technologies in the standard Lincoln Co-Pilot360 package.

“These spots are conversational, informal, and very much show how this technology is in your service,” says Pearce.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360 provides wealth of technology

The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 package in Nautilus offers a wealth of driver-focused technologies – all designed to help the driver in challenging situations. These include:

  • Blind spot detection with cross-traffic alert
  • Pre-Collision Assist with automatic emergency braking with Pedestrian Detection, forward collision warning and dynamic brake support
  • Lane-Keeping System with lane-keeping alert, lane-keeping assist and Driver Alert System
  • Rearview camera
  • Auto high-beam headlamps

The McConaughey piece will debut on Lincoln’s Twitter and YouTube channels today, and will premiere on broadcast during the College Football Playoffs on Dec. 29. The billiards content will live on Lincoln’s social media channels beginning Jan. 1.

“Along with MKC, Navigator and later this summer, the all-new Aviator, Nautilus is a strong player in our SUV lineup,” Peterson says. “These spots are a great way to highlight Lincoln’s innovative technology, and they make for an authentic introduction to the new Nautilus.”

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