Lincoln Aviator Cabin Transformed into Concert Hall with 28-Speaker Immersive Sound System

  • New Revel® Ultima 3D system offers a control slider in the center stack that allows clients to immerse themselves in sound, enjoying their music the way they want to hear it
  • New system breaks down walls, acoustically expanding the space in the cabin to transform the environment of the vehicle
  • Next-generation system with 360-degree immersion capability ensures listening experience is optimized in every seat in Aviator

DEARBORN, Mich., April 4, 2019 – The all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator features an audio system worthy of its show-stopping looks – one that allows clients to relax, unwind, and truly immerse themselves in a sanctuary of sound.

Making its debut in Lincoln’s all-new three-row SUV, the all new Revel Ultima 3D sound system offers clients a choice between three listening modes – stereo, audience and on-stage. But it takes the listening experience to a whole new dimension by adding an immersion control slider in the center stack and four sets of dual-height speakers in the Aviator’s headliner.

The slider allows clients to personalize the audio experience by determining how much they want the music to envelop them in a cabin featuring 28 speakers. The addition of the height speakers allows for a 360-degree listening experience, transforming the Aviator cabin into a true concert hall for the road.

Revel Ultima 3D transforms the environment of the vehicle with custom speaker placements for Aviator, acoustically expanding the feeling of the cabin while offering an intimate and personalized listening experience from all around.

“With this new system, the listening experience is immersive and designed around the client no matter where they’re seated in the Aviator,” says Joe Kafati, multimedia supervisor, Lincoln. ”Our engineers obsessed over the interior quietness and sound quality in the vehicle, just like all other aspects to truly transform Aviator into a sanctuary on the road.”

Revel Ultima 3D transforms the environment of the vehicle, acoustically expanding the feeling of the cabin while offering an intimate and personalized listening experience from all around.

“Our goal is to break down walls,” says Brandon Wheeler, manager, customer acoustics, Revel. “As you increase the immersion, you find yourself inside an incredibly expansive listening environment – one that seems to extend beyond the vehicle interior. Guitars, left and right, are very wide. The vocals are incredible. It’s really changing the norm of what you’d expect from sound in terms of reinforcement and position.”

The additional speakers and immersion slider availability add to the already advanced modes:

  • In stereo mode, clients are sitting in the sweet spot between a pair of Revel Ultima speakers
  • In audience mode, clients enjoy the best seat in a concert hall as the stage widens in all directions
  • In on-stage mode, clients are seemingly on stage with the musical performance; immersed in 360-degree sound.

“Music is a mood changer – it relaxes you, rejuvenates you or energizes you based on music preferences,” says Kafati. “Music is a breather from a hectic day, and this audio system allows clients to tailor that experience and create their own world inside Aviator’s spacious and airy cabin.”

Precise placement, advanced technology

The placement, tuning, calibration and the number of Revel speakers are unique to each Lincoln vehicle, designed to ensure superior audio quality and accuracy. In Aviator, new dual 40-millimeter speakers are located above each occupant in the front and second-row seats for a total of eight speakers in the ceiling. They are meticulously integrated with the three-way speakers in the doors and two-way front and rear speakers.

In the Aviator, even the alerts are music to the driver’s ears. Precise, crystalline notes recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra provide distinct musical alerts for about 25 features in the vehicles, enhancing the overall experience.

Revel engineers maintain the same standard in their luxury home theaters by designing the vehicle with an architectural structure that ensures every detail of a song reaches an occupant’s ears at the precise time and level, delivering the most authentic listening experience. This design is crucial to delivering the award-winning sound quality for which Revel is known.

Revel Ultima systems also include Clari-Fi, a patented HARMAN technology that works in real-time to rebuild audio details lost in digitally compressed music. Clari-Fi reconstructs it for an enhanced listening experience regardless of source.

The creation of the system is a team effort – Lincoln engineers worked tirelessly on Aviator’s cabin to ensure the listening experience is optimized, including adding a wealth of interior and exterior noise control strategies to minimize unwanted noise. There’s acoustic laminated windshield and side glass, as well as acoustic underbody shields and wheel arch liners. The doors are built for quiet, solid closure, and the chassis was tuned to reduce road-induced low-frequency rumble.

A dual-wall dash system provides an additional barrier and air gap between passengers and the engine compartment, serving as a separation to keep vibrations and noise out of the cabin. There is 360-degree hood sealing as well.

The audio system has been meticulously integrated into the spacious, streamlined cabin, with the team carrying out multiple levels of checking and tuning to make sure it sounds great at different speeds.

“The first time you hear it, you’ll get goosebumps,” says Wheeler. “I can almost guarantee it.”

About the Aviator

This summer marks the arrival of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, Lincoln’s new entry in the three-row premium utility segment. The Aviator elevates Lincoln’s design vision and signals the direction of the brand’s vehicles going forward.

The debut of the Aviator Grand Touring marks the first time the company has combined a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine and advanced electrified hybrid technology and is capable of delivering smooth performance and instantaneous torque.

About Lincoln

Lincoln is the luxury automotive brand of Ford Motor Company, committed to creating compelling vehicles with an exceptional ownership experience to match. For more information about Lincoln, please visit or

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