Exquisite Craftsmanship: Lincoln Introduces Exclusive Black Label Themes with New 2022 Navigator


  • With the introduction of two new interior themes, Lincoln is elevating its Black Label portfolio – the ultimate in Lincoln craftsmanship and luxury
  • New Lincoln Black Label themes – Central Park and Invitation – debut with 2022 Lincoln Navigator and showcase expressive design details together with rich contrasts, offering clients another way to personalize their sanctuary
  • Black Label continues to welcome new clients to the brand with its luxurious craftsmanship, a host of membership privileges and world-class experiences that are uniquely Lincoln; Black Label sales grew 15 percent in the first half of the year

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 18, 2021 – With the debut of the new 2022 Navigator, Lincoln is introducing two new Black Label themes to its portfolio. The new themes – Central Park and Invitation – build on the brand’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship while adding new elements for clients to enjoy.

The Black Label experience represents the very best that Lincoln has to offer, with exclusive member benefits and specially curated interiors, creating a personalized experience for clients that they can make their own. Currently available on Navigator, Aviator and Nautilus, Lincoln Black Label saw a sales increase of 15 percent in the first half of 2021 – 8 percent of total SUV sales. On Navigator, Black Label sales improved 35 percent this year, representing more than 20 percent of all Navigators sold.

“Black Label continues to be a key differentiator and opportunity for growth for Lincoln, setting us apart and showcasing the best of the brand, our vehicles and services,” said Michael Sprague, North America director, Lincoln. “Not only has Black Label continued to redefine what it means to shop for and purchase a luxury vehicle, but it also has elevated the entire experience of owning one.”

Specially curated Black Label themes are designed to evoke an experience that is uniquely Lincoln, using the finest materials such as premium Venetian leathers and designer woods. Designers tend to even the smallest details – from intricate laser-etched wood designs to unique stitching and perforation on the premium leathers – all coming together to bring warmth, comfort and a true feeling of luxury.

The new themes – Central Park and Invitation – join Navigator’s Chalet and Yacht Club. Chalet is designed to evoke the contrasting pleasures of pulse-raising mountain slopes and the warm comfort of an après-ski lodge. Yacht Club was inspired by fine watercraft, pairing cool, coastal-blue leather with whitewashed teak and luxury with leisure.

“We continue to evolve the Black Label themes based on luxury trends and the changing environment, and ultimately draw inspiration from our Lincoln clients,” said Marcia Salzberg, Lincoln senior color and materials designer.

Central Park

With rich contrasts that strike the perfect balance between the lavish organic oasis and the surrounding skyscrapers, the calm in the chaos, the Central Park theme was inspired by one of the first and most famous urban parks in the world.

“The grounds of Central Park with the trails and greenery that lie in the middle of a bustling Manhattan, , was at the forefront of our minds when we designed this theme,” said Salzberg.

The rich, dark Walnut open-pore wood that extends across the instrument panel is precisely lasered to reflect the parks’ actual city and scenic pathways. World-class luxury leather, in Urban Green, showcases an architectural skyline perspective with engineered perforation, while the exterior shines in Manhattan Green.

“The Central Park theme is all about nature’s lush beauty and the balance it creates with the city’s energy and confidence,” said Salzberg. “The colors naturally inspired all of it – the concrete, the urban green. We’re combining the organic and the structure, the beauty of life, freedom, history and nature – it’s the perfect combination.”


With a sense of luxury and detail that are apparent, the Invitation Black Label theme provides a sense of intrigue, with the quality of a crafted black paper invitation – handwritten calligraphy that welcomes you to an exquisite home for an intimate evening of celebration.

“This theme is about meaningful friendship, ambiance, fulfilling the senses with everything fresh – from fragrant flowers, fine wine and appetizers, to music, laughter and luxurious furnishings,” said Salzberg. “The design of this theme was inspired by cohesiveness, comfort and calm, with unique design elements that are infused throughout the environment.”

Open-pore Khaya wood expands across the instrument panel and center console, showcasing an industry-first, dual-laser etching blend of geometric and organic motifs that are designed to put clients in a calm, relaxed mood. Dark, deep, rich wood and supple black leather are juxtaposed with modern lighting elements, and abstract blooming branches are delicately balanced through gradated trellis structures. A Pergola-inspired perforation makes an appearance on Venetian luxury leather in black, with detailed Brandy stitching.

Premium Benefits, Delivered

Offering a host of exclusive privileges, including standard Lincoln Access Rewards welcome points, standard premium maintenance, complimentary vehicle detailing, anytime carwashes, access to a curated list of luxurious experiences courtesy of the brand’s hospitality network and additional memberships such as the Avis President’s Club, Black Label continues to welcome new clients to the brand. Since its launch in 2014, Lincoln Black Label certified locations have grown to 163 stores, where they continue to provide the ultimate expression of the Lincoln brand.


The new Lincoln Black Label Central Park and Invitation themes will be offered on the new 2022 Navigator, which arrives in dealerships early next year.


About Lincoln

Lincoln is the luxury automotive brand of Ford Motor Company, committed to creating compelling vehicles with an exceptional ownership experience to match. For more information about Lincoln, please visit media.lincoln.com or www.lincoln.com.

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