Alison Davis

Alison Davis, the brand manager for the Lincoln Aviator, leads the overall marketing strategy for the brand's three-row SUV.

Davis joined Ford in 2015 as a Prototype Planner. She then served as the Launch Engineer for the F-150 before transitioning to marketing after completing her MBA. In her previous role, she worked as the Assistant Brand Manager for Enthusiast Vehicles (Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Mustang).

She decided to shift towards marketing because she has always enjoyed learning about different products and has developed a passion for deeply understanding the customer.

"I'm excited to delve into a new vehicle and get to know a new customer base with different wants and needs from the customers of the previous products I've worked on," Davis said.

Currently, she plays an essential role in launching the Aviator.

"I aim to deliver the luxury experience our core clients expect while generating demand and attracting new audiences to the Lincoln brand," she said. "I'm excited to focus on the next generation of Lincoln vehicles and the impact they will have on our brand and clients' lives."

Davis holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan. She obtained her MBA from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Davis resides in Ferndale, MI, and enjoys travel, gardening, exercising, and crocheting in her spare time.