Gretchen Sauer

Gretchen Sauer, brand manager for The Lincoln Motor Company, is spearheading the launch of the new Lincoln MKC. She is responsible for leading marketing strategy for the vehicle and working to fuel its momentum, while also representing the voice of the client.

Sauer’s role with Lincoln started in 2016 when she was appointed product marketing manager, which involved sales forecasting and analytics. Prior to that, she worked as a Ford sales territory manager, based out of Dallas.

The MKC is one of the largest-volume vehicles for Lincoln, with women accounting for nearly half of its sales. “As a woman, I am extremely proud to lead it and bring my personal insights,” says Sauer.

A 2012 graduate of Ohio State University, Sauer is now pursuing an MBA from the University of Michigan.

“Growing up, my mom was an inspiration and the driving force behind me joining the automotive industry,” says Sauer. “She owns a car dealership and is absolutely passionate about cars and client servicing.”

Those learnings have stayed with Sauer, who, like her mom, says she works to evaluate product decisions from a dealer and client perspective.

A self-described spontaneous traveler, Sauer also loves experimenting with gourmet cuisine and is always on the lookout for organic, locally sourced produce for her culinary adventures.