John Jraiche

John Jraiche, chief engineer for Lincoln Corsair, brings a wealth of experience to his newest role at The Lincoln Motor Company. Jraiche is responsible for all aspects of the new product, from development to concept to launch.

His extensive engineering background and experience in manufacturing and business has prepared him well for this highly complex position. “There are so many people working together on this vehicle,” says Jraiche. “So it’s a very cross-functional position, and I work closely with skill teams across the globe.”

A veteran of more than 25 years with Ford Motor Company, Jraiche has served as global chief engineer for Ford Fusion and Mondeo, and has held key engineering and management roles on Ford Explorer, Ford F-Series and Ford commercial vehicles. Having previously worked for Lincoln in the early 2000s, he has witnessed the brand evolve and transform over the years.

“We’ve rallied around our Quiet Flight pillars, which we think defines us more exclusively in a crowded premium market,” says Jraiche, who earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in mechanical engineering from University of Windsor and his master’s in finance from Wayne State University.

What truly sets Lincoln apart is its focus on the client experience. “We’re not looking to emulate our competitors,” he says. “We’re looking to establish a niche for ourselves, and the pillars have allowed us to do that very well. We’ve really outlined what we want to be.

“Looking and thinking about those moments that matter is what makes Lincoln memorable,” Jraiche goes on to say. “The technologies in Corsair are designed to work together to provide our clients with a seamless, effortless experience. It will recognize you as you approach, welcome you, set the interior ambience to your liking, and assist you with considerate prompts and safety technologies along your journey. Overall, the Lincoln Corsair offers a unique and elegant experience.”