Mike Kipley

Mike Kipley has been the chief program engineer for Lincoln’s flagship vehicle, the Navigator, since 2019. He oversees business and engineering operations for Navigator, leading the program team across all functions and skill areas.

Working in the automotive industry was not always on Kipley’s radar. Initially, he had dreams of becoming a chief engineer for airplanes. It wasn’t too long into college, however, that he found his passion. “This industry is very relatable and brings us together by design,” he said. “I knew I picked the right industry when, after my first auto part released into production, I felt such immense pride seeing my work out on the road in the hands of customers.”

Kipley has been with Ford Motor Company for 20 years, evaluating and developing vehicles in more than 25 states and around the world in more than 10 countries. He previously served as vehicle engineering manager for the global Lincoln portfolio, the Ford Expedition and the all-new Lincoln Navigator in 2018. Additionally, he has previously served as chief program engineer for the Ford Ranger and the Ford Expedition.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to continue my work on Lincoln’s flagship vehicle and deliver client solutions,” said Kipley. “My team and I continually listen to and observe the needs of our clients and translate that into thoughtful product offerings they love.”

Kipley resides in Saline, Michigan, with his wife and three children.