Summer Cole

Summer Cole, group marketing manager, Lifestyle and Cross Vehicles, Lincoln, is responsible for developing marketing, merchandising, and go-to-market plans for Lincoln in the United Sates. Lincoln offers a full lineup of world-class SUVs, from its flagship Navigator to the Aviator, Nautilus and Corsair.

“We can’t stand still. Our customers are changing; their needs are changing,” she says. You throw in electrification, and you see the whole environment is changing as well. I love being a part of Lincoln. We get to shape and mold how to deliver on those unique experiences. We have new features coming that our clients have never seen, felt or touched before – Lincoln has a lot going on. We’re clear on what we stand for, so having that guiding light helps us be a little more nimble and take risks, which we have to do if we want to be competitive.”

Cole has been with the company for just over 20 years, beginning her career as a manufacturing engineer working on new powertrain programs. In 2008, she transitioned into marketing, sales and service, moving to the Dallas region where she spent nearly eight years working with dealers and learning that part of the business. In 2015, she returned to Michigan, developing and launching the Ford Commitment Program, designed to reward dealers for exceptional customer service. She joined Lincoln in 2018 and have held positions that supported Black Label, Electrification and Product Marketing.

“My career path has been a winding road, but it’s afforded me the perfect sequence of responsibilities and experiences,” she says. “I have experience working and interacting with dealers and engineers. Then I’ve had the experience of working on the product side, as well. So all of that together puts me in a good position to understand how to go-to-market with our Lincoln vehicles.”

Cole received her bachelor’s degree in engineering from University of Michigan, and a master’s degree in engineering from Purdue University. She and her husband reside in the Ann Arbor-Saline area with their three young children.